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Check out our available tours and departure dates/times. Note that the 24-hour clock is used. To convert, deduct 12 from hour after 1pm. Examples: 1300=1pm, 1830=6.30pm,1900=7pm and 1000=10am. Tours with * indicate additional pickup point. Time will be shown in parentheseis. All tours are subject to cancellation if minimum ticket sales not achieved. Some dates may be not confirmed and are offered with a wait-list. Please have an alternate date in mind in case the tour does not operate. TMS policy states all children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Thank you.

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201 Christmas Lights Tour - 2022-12-10 / 19:00 (Duration: 3.50 hrs)
202 Christmas Lights Tour - 2022-12-17 / 19:00 (Duration: 3.50 hrs)
203 Christmas Lights Tour - 2022-12-18 / 19:00 (Duration: 3.50 hrs)

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